Symbiotic Stool

Downtown Los Angeles. 2022


Symbiotic Stool fuses a skin of carbon-capturing biopolymer to a skeleton of recycled stoneware ceramic, uniting a contemporary material with one which dates back to humanity’s roots.

Crafting Symbiotic Stool hybridized two seemingly disparate processes of make – robotic 3D printing and analog methods of clay forming – to translate the design from computer model to a highly articulated material artifact.

The soft outer layer is made from plant-based biopolymer which is capable of capturing and storing airborne carbon as well as breaking down naturally and easily. Once the outer skin has biodegraded, the inner ceramic skeleton remains, allowing for the piece to be reclad in biopolymer, extending the life of the stool.
Biopolymer membrane over ceramic stoneware. 

Dimensions: 18”D x 18”W x 24”H

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