Illuminated Hearth

Los Angeles, CA. 2021


Illuminated Hearth represents the heart of the home. With origins in the traditional mantelpiece, Illuminated Hearth seeks to combine advanced home entertainment systems with a curatorial space of self expression.

Warm light illuminates curated pieces, emitting a soft glow from within the hearth. Transparent OLED Display panels enclose and protect the items within, while seamless panel doors allow access to the interior without disrupting the bulk of the OLED Display surfaces. Placement of the OLED Display panels enable the screen to be visible from multiple vantage points, and an adjustable viewing plane allows Illuminated Hearth to fit seamlessly within any home. As a light emitting object, Illuminated Hearth enhances the space, extending views and saturating the home with color and imagery. Illuminated Hearth is not simply a television or a curio cabinet, but a curated piece of art within the home. Standing 7 feet tall and 20 inches deep, Illuminated Hearth takes on an anthropomorphic presence, allowing for natural interactions between the unit and the user. Illuminated Hearth has a life and presence of its own, in the form of video calls, digital assistants, or streaming movies. Embedded motion sensors allow the user to walk around Illuminated Hearth during video calls, creating a natural sense of freedom and ease around the device.

Design Team: Caitie Santo

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