Hollow Form

Downtown Los Angeles. 2021


Hollow Form is a sculptural aggregation of clay components designed from digital scans of organic and geological samples. Through manual and digital manipulation, these clay forms fuse into a stone lattice column finished in layers of custom matte and metallic glaze. Large cuts slice vertically through two sides of the column, revealing a pattern along its edges and exposing its hollow interior.

Hollow Form represents an attempt to connect with the natural world by utilizing digital tools to engage, even co-create with nature. In this piece, highly detailed 3D scans of organic samples allowed for digital alteration and manipulation of their forms without removing them from their natural context. The result is a sculpture that is semi-digital and semi-geologic in character, a hybrid that exists in both the natural and built worlds.

Fundamentally, Hollow Form is about exploring an instinctive connection with the non-anthropocentric aspects of our world, allowing ourselves to search for meaning in vaguely organic and geological qualities. This piece is an exploration in communication with our primordial and contemporary selves, allowing us to connect with the inanimate, natural things with which we find ancestral belonging.

Ceramic stoneware with metallic and chrome glaze.
Dimensions: 15”D x 15.5”W x 24”H
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