Digital Ceramics

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). 2019


This project investigates the confluence of design and digital fabrication techniques- specifically as it relates to robotic fabrication and architectural facade systems. Form, structure, and assembly are considered in this facade prototype with equal measure. As an alternative to conventional and self-similar modular systems, this project utilizes variability in form to physically interlock parts into a visually cohesive system. This project begun by extracting samples of 2D data from satellite imagery and, after digital manipulation, systematically re-composited the information into a new synthetic landscape. As samples were extracted from their source images, the digital information underwent algorithmic procedures that translated the 2D data into 3D robotic toolpaths for clay extrusion. Over the course of the semester, the project developed into a full scale facade prototype, utilizing the robotic arms at SCI-Arc’s Robot House to extrude the clay form and a custom designed ‘digital paintbrush tip’ to robotically glaze the ceramic finish surface.

Advanced Robotic Fabrication 2019: Ceramic Printing & Glazing
The Southern California Institute of Architecture

Garrett Sutherlin Santo &
Herwig Baumgartner

Frank Parrado, Zihan Gao, Giovanna Penna Lima
Nianfei Liu (Frank), Guangyu Chen (Johnny)
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